Around here, we don't believe that sacrifice is necessary to create the money you desire. You can have the spacious days, the present motherhood and the multi $5-figure cash months. They key ingredient: tapping into energetic alignment and your wealthy mindset.

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Instead of seeing it as an obstacle holding you back. Over the past 5 years, I've worked with 100s of clients. And the most potent and fulfilling relationships have always been with mamas (or desiring-to-be mamas). 

There is something truly potent about a mother who wants it all: a spacious, present family life AND a business that's overflowing with wealth and impact. 

My clients are often making multi $5 figures, through 1:1 services & soul aligned offers... only working 2-3hrs daily. And spending the rest of the time as a mama.

Motherhood is a powerful portal to more wealth & spaciousness in your business. 

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Anomaly: Private Mentorship

It's time for your business to go from "pretty successful" to "illogical abundance" with this deep, intimate, long-term mentorship. The inner shifts and embodied strategy for when you're ready to luxuriate in the day to day of your business & life. 

Self-Led Program Suite

Sometimes you just want to dive deep into one topic. These potent self-led programs around money, aligned offers & self power are like no other. Created live and now available for you, they are packed full of mastermind level trainings, rituals and guidance at a DIY price.


My signature group program designed specifically for mamas in business. This is everything you need to know (energetically and strategically) about curating a booked out client business, that allows for flexibility and FLOW as a mother.

Magnetic Wealth Mastery

My high-level intimate mastermind. Embody your rich mama energy — completely change your relationship with wealth in this container. You'll learn how to manifesting multiple $5 figure months in your business with spaciousness, not sacrifice. 

Receiving Portals

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De-stress your relationship with money and open up the portals to receive more $$ with peace.

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Your business doesn’t have to be your main focus in life. In fact, it should be a small piece that supports you in actually LIVING. We aren’t going to add more, do more or push more. The whole goal is that you create a business where you can STEP AWAY, and it still works.

There is no one-size-fits all solution. Mindset, business, energetics... It's all unique to YOU. Around here, you’ll never hear me say you ‘have to’ launch this way, price this way, sell this way. Instead, we’re always coming back to what feels most expansive and aligned for you!

Change comes from you stepping up and taking radical responsibility for your reality. I love to support women who are deeply empowered from within. And, we believe that you don’t have to do it alone. You’re being supported, guided and held by the divine.

iman s.

"Cassie was an absolutely amazing coach, as always! She is so affirming and you never feel like you're asking a dumb question.  She always makes you feel heard and supported with no judgement."

iman s.

"Cassie was an absolutely amazing coach, as always! She is so affirming and you never feel like you're asking a dumb question.  She always makes you feel heard and supported with no judgement."

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And I’m really in love with helping you realize how FREAKING possible it is to have a business overflowing with cash, and be thriving as a mama, too. You get to have it all, when you decide you can.

The month after my 2nd baby was born, I had a $17k CASH month. I was on maternity leave. And yet the money still came through. The difference was so stark from my first baby when I made $0.

Hi, I'm Cassie.
Mama, ceo, manifesting generator. 

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The thing is, the money didn't come because I was doing more. In fact I was doing WAY less. But the thing that shifted drastically was my relationship with money, myself and motherhood. 

That's exactly what I guide my clients through as well.