You're in the right place, friend. It's time to step into a whole new level within your life changing business.

with the right brand & website, everything falls into place.

Are you ready for more impact & more income?

It's driven by soul and deeply transformative (for you & your clients!) 

Your business is a part of you
and that means creating a brand that is more than just beautiful.

You know a well crafted brand is important for business, but designing it in a way that actually connects with clients you love? You’re not even sure where to start.

Reux Design Co. was founded to help change-makers like you build a brand & website that works. 

Don’t stress, friend. You’re in the right place.

I believe that there are good people in the world striving to make a positive difference. People like you. And if I can help you spread your message through design? Yes, please. Let’s do it. 

As a creative turned brand designer, I’m on a mission to help conscious entrepreneurs like you build a lasting legacy through your business. Because the work you’re doing is bigger than yourself. 

When people see something that resonates with them, they can’t help but jump on board. My clients have told me that I have the unique ability to give a name and face to the ideas that they’ve been processing, and I’d like to believe that. 

I help you create a brand & website that ticks all the boxes — strategic AND beautiful — so you can grow a mindful community, feel confident in your impact & build a financially sustainable business along the way. 

hey there,

I'm cassie

And good design has a ripple effect. 

Since the launch of Reux Design Co.:


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oat lattes
per day

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More than you ever thought possible! Nothing fuels my creativity more than that.

you can build a brand that allows you to grow and (positively) impact your community. 

Most days, you can find me working from home, with baby girl rolling around at my feet, an iced oat milk latte on my desk and a diffuser running. I have an amazing husband (who I technically met on Craigslist), a crazy husky pup, and last but not least, I’m a full-on INFP.

I launched Reux Design Co. because I truly believe that with some intuition & a purposeful strategy... 

Here’s the cliffnotes version

Grab a drink and get comfy, let’s get to know each other.

Are you in?

I find so much joy and purpose in working with companies that I personally align with. I want to encourage you, through this process, that you have the ability to build the soul-fulfilling brand you’ve been dreaming of. 

So when I graduated college in Ohio & made the big leap to sunny California, my fancy Social Media Manager job in the fashion industry left me feeling a little unfulfilled. 

After a year of creating captions, pins & tweets, I left my job with the “cool kids” to do something that felt more meaningful. 

I wouldn’t suggest that you suddenly quit your job with no savings in the bank, but it sure did serve as a great motivator for me.

To find something I loved & could make an income too. 

My husband encouraged me to start Reux Design Co. and slowly over the past 4 years, my graphic design studio has grown with me. It wasn’t an overnight success (I don’t think those exist) but it’s been a constant evolution and journey.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I believe that my work has to be purposeful. I’ve spent the past 4+ years refining a brand & web design process that truly makes an impact for my clients.

I’ve helped clients build businesses not only to make money (although that’s great too!) but to impact lives in a lasting way.

Looking for a deeper meaning in everything I do. What can I say, it’s the idealist in me. 

Sappy rom-coms? Check.
Folksy music singing the blues? Check.
Reading Emily Dickinson poems about love? Mhmm, check.

I've always been an emotions type of gal.

More about the reux initiative coming soon!

Since the start of Reux Design Co. and with the help of my beautiful clients, I’ve been able to donate to amazing causes such as Rancho Relaxo and the Pawsitive Change Program. 

This year, and moving forward, I’m excited to grow the Reux Initiative as a core pillar of my business, and help support even more deserving charities + non-profits along the way. 

A community of creatives + business owners who've come together to encourage the growth and impact of conscious and eco-friendly businesses.

That’s why fostering an open-hand mindset and giving back has been such an important part of my business journey. 

The Reux Initiative

At the core of Reux Design Co.

Is a belief that together, we can make a difference. 

you were called to do this work, friend.

grow a thriving business with design that is as beautiful as it is intentional

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