I am rooting for you to create a business & motherhood where you have it all, without doing it all.

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Society tells us we have to choose between running a successful, wealthy business OR be a present mama at home.

Well, being as stubborn as I am, I wanted to prove that was wrong.  ☺

In classic Mani-Gen fashion, my business has pivoted a lot. Like, a lot.

I've gone from social media manager at a luxury jewelry company (in a warehouse in Southern California) to designing graphics for big-name influencers to branding websites for midwives.

Then in 2018 I had my first daughter and realized... I love my work. I want to make a LOT of money and work with INCREDIBLE clients. But also... I want to sit on the floor and just stare at her while she discovers her hands! (lol, if you're a mom, you get it).

If you're a mama (or desiring to be) who also wants to create massive impact and a f*ck ton of cash in your business, we'll probably get along.

Hey, have we met? I'm Cassie.

It became evident that I had to create my own way. My own beliefs & path in business so I could do both without sacrifice. Motherhood & ceo.

That's what I did. It happened alongside growing my family to now 3 kiddos 4 and under. And yes, it was messy. It was wild. 

But it was also possible. And the thing is >> 90% of the work was energetics. It was shifting my beliefs and identity to become the woman who gets to have it all. Unapologetically receive it all. 

That's the true work. And that's what I support my clients with. So they can be moms first and wealth af business owners, too.

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