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14 days with Cassie, to shift you into abundance, open yourself to receiving and tap into new levels of soul aligned growth.

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I know, deep down, that you're exactly where you need to be right now.

Let's set the intention that you'll get what you need out of this training and know how to move forward now. 

Thursday April 2nd
at 3pm EST / 12pm PST

The live training will happen in the Mindset Mastery free facebook group (link below!)

Training details:

Vivian K.
Graphic designer

"Before Mindset Mastery Bootcamp I felt like my anxiety was driving my actions instead of my heart. I wanted a healthy mindset, but I really didn't know where to start.

In MMB, Cassie gives you simple practices and easy habits that can completely change how you think about money, building a business, finding success. It's a short amount of time that really makes a big shift.

The biggest win is that I'm healthier mentally than I've been for a long time. I have so much more confidence. I also have had 2 more inquiries come in just in the past week, after a long dry stretch!"

Ally N.
women's Therapist

"Even as a therapist with a lot of training on the power of our mind, it was nice to have another perspective...

Before Mindset Mastery Bootcamp, I was scared that I was incapable of being successful in my business. I was scared of putting myself out there and being vulnerable.

Now, I'm trusting that I am a co creator of my life. I feel more confident taking aligned action and even recognizing what these actions need to be.

Since MMB, I gained 40+ followers on Instagram, and sold my course!"

So I started focusing on my beliefs & mastering my mindset, daily.

Beliefs >> Mindset >> Aligned Action >> Results⁣

It's time to let go of the limits you've placed on yourself and the victim story you are unintentionally creating as your reality. I know this can sound a little "woo woo" but, when you believe you can have more, you show up unapologetically. And that leads to more sales, more clients, more soul purpose. ⁣

This is exactly what I did.

In December of 2019 I made literally $0 (even after years in business).
In January of 2020, I made $7,229.

And I’m on track to 3x my income from last year & hit 6 figures. ⁣

The only thing I did differently was focus on shifting my mindset.
And this is the only thing you need to shift to change the trajectory of your business too. ⁣

and you can do this too, friend.


Mindset Mastery Bootcamp

Join me for 14 days in Mindset Mastery Bootcamp, to shift you into abundance, open yourself to receiving and tap into new levels of soul aligned growth.

Day 1 ⭢

Day 2 ⭢

Day 3 ⭢

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Day 14 ⭢

AUDIO: Taking Radical Responsibility for your life and mindset

VIDEO: Getting clear on what you truly want 

TEMPLATE: Next level self affirmations & take aligned action

VIDEO: Identifying & releasing limiting beliefs and fears holding you back

VIDEO: Releasing control of "how" things have to happen for you to succeed

AUDIO: How to handle disappointments, setbacks and failures

TEMPLATE: Reflection and decide how you're moving forward to create lasting change

AUDIO: Craft daily routines and rituals for yourself to attract abundance

VIDEO: Cultivating your self love, self worth and confidence beliefs to show up fully

TEMPLATE: Morning journalling routine and 40+ journal prompts to use daily

VIDEO: The energy of money: how to make & save more, consistently

AUDIO: Believing when you don't yet see proof that everything is working out

TEMPLATE: Decluttering to make space for more of what you desire in your life

VIDEO: my top mindset shifts, implementing new beliefs for big impact

Here's what we will cover over 14 days together. It's going to be packed with transformation:

results from past mindset mastery bootcamp students:

When you join, you'll get instant access to the Day 1 content. And each day after that, a new module will unlock!

Every day you'll get new content inside of your course dashboard, whether it's an audio recording, video training, journal prompt, etc.

Plus, you'll join the members only Facebook group and community to ask any questions about mindset, receiving, attracting, etc.

Each day is designed to help you notice, dig deeper & shift your mindset quickly.

After the 14 days, everything will be inside of your course dashboard so you can access the replays, resources and trainings for life. 

how it's happening

It's time to shift into the soul aligned, abundant life you've always been meant to live.

So, do you truly believe you’re worthy and can have everything you desire? (psst…the answer is you are. and you can. 👏🏻) 

If you desire more purpose. 
If you desire more ease.
If you desire more clients. 
If you desire more impact.
If you desire growth, expansion, self worth & joy. 
Is your soul saying "YES, this is what I need" ?

Then this. is. for. you.

     Feel abundant no matter what. Even when circumstances, past stories or people are telling you to be fearful.

     Get into the energy of receiving. Learning how to realign your energy to receive clients, money, love, joy, & more with ease.

     Understand & release limiting beliefs. Anything that tells you that you can't, you aren't worthy, or you aren't enough is a lie. Notice & heal old beliefs so that you can show up as your true, soul aligned self. 

     Tap into new levels. Grow your business in a way that feels amazing to you. Learn how I elevate every time I desire a new level in my life or business. 

     Attract with ease. How to get yourself into the mindset & energy to call in soul clients, projects & desires daily.

     Take aligned action. Learn how to get into the mindset of it already being done, and taking aligned action from there.

     The exact journal prompts I use daily. I'll share my exact journal prompts & questions you can focus on to master your mindset and continue growing and expanding every time a limiting though pops up.

     Release the outcome & trust the process. Learn how to release control of exactly how things need to happen so that you open yourself up for miraculous possibilities & results (in life and business.)

     Fully own your desired & soul aligned self. Step into a place of worthiness and belief in yourself, your work & what you have to offer.

This is ONLY for you if you're ready to...

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