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You get to be the mom + entrepreneur who has it all.

Booking out your creative or coaching business becomes simple, instead of overwhelming, when you master your own curated energy + strategy.

You can learn how to sign clients & make money. You can also be a present mom who prioritizes time with your family. But doing both, at the same time?! That's where it gets a little tricky. 

I'm here to show you how.

Contrary to what you've been told, you don't have to choose. Between being a "good" mom or a successful entrepreneur. It's no longer one or the other. A new paradigm is here where you get to hold both roles in equal power. 

As I've coached my clients around money, wealth & abundance over the past 4 years, they kept asking…
→ How do you balance it all as a mom?
→ What sort of prices / offers are making this possible?
→ How do you handle those days when you toddler is WILD and you're EXHAUSTED and you have to magically be *creative* to hit a deadline?!

I am a master at CURATING my life and business to have it all, without sacrifice or unnecessary hustle. 

I've booked out both my creative design business AND my coaching business at the same time as I've grown my family to now having 3 kids 4 and under. 

No burnout.
No hustling during naps.
No checking my phone 39372x and missing cute moments with my family.

Inside of CURATED, I'm teaching you the energetics + aligned strategy to a business that FLOWS with motherhood. so that when you were up nursing all night or your toddler needs extra mid-day cuddles on the couch... your business is still bringing in that “booked out” income.

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You would LOVE to book out your biz, so you still make money even on the days when your brain is mush because you were up with a baby all night?!

Tell me if this is sounds like a hell yes...

quick question.

What about having potent, impactful rituals that *poof* away your feelings of mom guilt & burnout as creative?

Do you crave a peak behind the curtain of what actually goes into booking clients and being creative, while mom-ing full time?!

Do you wanna receive alllll my best nuggets of wisdom from the past 5 years of successfully running a business (as a designer, then as a coach… with 3 kids!)…tied up in pretty tan bow?!

I've had a lot of amazing mentors over the years, but the truth is, many programs & masterminds are simply not designed for moms. They're designed for women with 8hrs. a day to work, uninterrupted time and space, and who are fully rested every single night (that's definitely not me, and probably you either haha). 

Growing your business as a mama is more about CURATING what works and being super intentional about your actions & beliefs daily. You don't have the time to f*ck around. There are bigger priorities at stake! 

Being a mom makes business different. Getting in the room with someone who understands all aspects of your life.

here's the truth

Curated is the program specifically for people who are balancing motherhood AND entrepreneurship (aka you!)... *especially* if you desire to learn from someone who's walking the walk in both roles right now.

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Wait, what is included?

Lifetime access to the trainings PLUS a live group coaching call 1x per quarter for hot seat coaching (for a year). 

Glad you asked. Here is what you get inside of Curated.

If you've been in my world, you know that intentions and mindset always come first.  We will zoom out on what’s working, what’s not working and where you’re feeling most stuck balancing motherhood and business.

CEO Mama Mindset

week one

Reclaiming your power as a mom + entrepreneur

Noticing and shifting lack beliefs around time / money

Claiming the vision you have for what your days look like

Stepping out of doubt and into confidence of your ability

This week is all about raising your standards. It's time to fully claim what you desire, stepping into your limitless power, and see motherhood as a portal for more (instead of an obstacle to your success). Let's leave victimhood behind.

Energetic Standards

week two

Setting standards that serve the life you want to have

Clearing any energy leaks in your business

Learning how to step out of people pleasing mode

Seeing motherhood as a portal & gift, not a burden

Feeling like you have enough time & brain space for creativity in your business can seem impossible as a mom. Late night feeds or big kids with big feelings. But there is a way to create a schedule that allows for your most potent work & present motherhood.

Your Time & Creativity

week three

Finding a schedule that works for YOU in this season

Aligning your offer suite to create more flexibility

How to feel creative, even when you're tired

Going from time scarcity to having enough time every day

If ever there were a time when you learn about emotional regulation, it's motherhood. Combine that with being a business owner? And you have to be on TOP of your emotions & self trust, otherwise you're headed straight to burnout.

Feeling Fulfilled

week four

How to stop feeling mom guilt or overwhelmed 24/7

Finding your own sense of calm, peace & fulfillment daily

Using your intuition to guide you as a ceo + mom

Selling & growing your business from desire not force

This final week of trainings is a potent one. As a mom, you literally have less time. So you must understand how to receive more without DOING more. This is how I've continued to grow to $15k+ months even with 3 kids at home. 

Receiving More

week five

Becoming a master receiver & magnetize clients

Find the perfect balance of mindset & aligned strategy

Simplifying every area of your business

Calling in clients / money even when you don't work

Lifetime access to all of the trainings

4x quarterly group coaching calls

Community support from other moms + entrepreneurs, as well as the BTS of my business as a mom of 3

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Plus you're not doing it alone. Live coaching for a year.

When you sign up for Curated, you're not just getting access to trainings while I send you on your way. That's not my style. I know first hand the power of being in a community of moms and entrepreneurs who GET IT when it comes to your experience! For a year, you get to jump on a LIVE group coaching call every quarter (4x total) to get hot seat coaching, mentorship, and community with other mamas who get you.

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This will amplify everything you've built so far. You've signed clients, grown your income, and booked out your biz in the past.  But now it's a matter of figuring out what that flow and growth looks like when you're a mom TOO. Priorities are shifting, mama, but that doesn't mean business has to suffer!

I see curated as being for three types of people.

Is this for you?

For the seasoned creative, who's new to motherhood:


(And perhaps starting to resent every single client and thinking about burning your business to the ground). This will expand your mind around what’s possible and help you identify where you can make simple shifts in your beliefs OR strategy. Because contrary to popular culture, you don't have to hustle your way to success every single day.

For the mompreneur who's currently feeling SO overwhelmed:


This will amplify everything you've built so far. You've signed clients, grown your income, and booked out your biz in the past.  But now it's a matter of figuring out what that flow and growth looks like when you're a mom TOO. Priorities are shifting, mama, but that doesn't mean business has to suffer!

For the seasoned creative, who's new to motherhood:


“Is motherhood going to throw a wrench in my biz plan?!” This will help fill in the energetic & strategy pieces of your business in a way that has you going "I'm about to enter my cool mom, wealthy mom era for SURE." You'll have the foundations in place so that when the divine time comes to grow a fam, you're not stressing about business while also GROWING A HUMAN.

For the future mama who's wondering "what if"...

ohh, Have we met?

And I’m really in love with helping you realize how FREAKING possible it is to have a business overflowing with cash, and be thriving as a mama, too. You get to have it all, when you decide you can.

The month after my 2nd baby was born, I had a $17k CASH month. I was on maternity leave. And yet the money still came through. The difference was so stark from my first baby when I made $0.

Hi, I'm Cassie. Mama, ceo, manifesting generator & coach (to name a few titles). 

The thing is, you don't have to do more to have a booked out business. In fact, since kids I've been doing WAY less. And the thing that made this possible was my relationship with money, myself and motherhood. 

That's exactly what you'll be able to experience on the other side of Curated. The true flow and fulfillment of being a mama and a ceo every. single. day.

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Is this just for moms?

Yes, this program is specifically for moms and those in a motherhood type of role! However, the caveat here is if you are desiring to start a family or have a family in the future, this would still be super impactful for you in creating the foundation of a business NOW that flows with motherhood. 

How long do I have access?

For life! You get access to the trainings, call recordings and any resources for life in your course dashboard. Plus you get a year of access to the live coaching calls every quarter (4x total) from when you sign up.

Do I get access to Cassie?

Yes, during the quarterly live group coaching calls, where Cassie will be available for personalized feedback and support! If you desire more 1:1 support, reach out on Instagram and we can chat @CassieGudmundson.

Are there refunds?

Nope! All payments and plans are final. I am only available for clients who are committed to the container and their long term growth, not quick fixes! 

— mary s.

"The trainings were so good and definitely ones I'll come back to again any time I need reminders of my power as a mama and ceo of my business! The way Cassie reframes limiting beliefs into beliefs that actually serve me is mind blowing."

— stesha r.

"Cassie has such a unique and dependable way of extracting the truth out of every situation in your business. No aspect is left untouched, and you always feel so deeply seen and heard."