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How long does the process take?

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My most booked design experiences, Abundance & Flourish, typically take about 6-8 weeks.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time, so that you have my full attention, and a stress-free design experience.

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Woah — I only wanted a logo. Can you do that?

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Sorry, friend. I believe deeply in the power of a holistic brand design. Your brand is much more than a logo, and I’d be doing you a disservice if that’s all I designed. 

Yes, a logo is often the most recognizable aspect of your brand, but it isn’t the whole story. If you want to grow your impactful, client-connecting business, every aspect of your brand & web design need to be just as purposeful as they are beautiful.

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That’s a big chunk of change. How do I know it’s worth the investment?

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Let me ask you this — how much would it be worth in your business if you committed to this experience? How would your day, week, or year, look differently, if your brand was built on a purposeful foundation that converted aligned followers into clients. 

I’ve worked with clients who have booked 5 figure projects just days within launching their new brand & website. And other clients who have been able to quit their soul-crushing day jobs to pursue a meaningful career. Can I guarantee this for you? No … a business has a lot of moving parts. But I truly believe that a holistic brand design is at the foundation of building something sustainable, that you love.

At the end of the day, what is it costing you not to invest in your business? 

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Wait… I only get 1 design? What if I don’t like it?

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I get it, that sounds a little weird! This approach allows you to be the expert on your business and your goals, while I get to focus on making strategic design decisions.

And it’s an open, collaborative process! I want to give you the best solution so that you can pursue a purposeful business. 

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Who is this for?

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The design experiences are built for those intuitive entrepreneurs, who crave a sustainable business that feels purposeful and fulfilling.

This is for you if you’re ready to build a meaningful brand for your business, so you can continually attract your ideal client & get to do impactful work you want to do. If you want to continue to grow and hone in on that community you truly align with. 

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Who is this not for?

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In most cases, brand & web design is most impactful once you really know your offerings and your dreamy, ideal clients. I’d recommend that you’ve been in business for 2+ years and have spent the time to dig deep and think honestly about the business that you want to pursue. If you’re not there yet, I wouldn’t want you to invest in something that you aren’t ready for. 

(PS — not sure? Reach out and I’ll give you my honest opinion when we chat!)

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Yes, I’m in! How do I get started?

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Woo hoo! I’m so excited for you. First things first, let’s schedule your Flourishing Brand Consult Call so we can chat all about your business, ideas, goals & what will be most impactful for you. Head back up to the form to get started. 

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