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My 6 month wealth mindset mastermind, designed specifically for mamas (and desiring-to-be-mamas) in business, who want to expand their money, without sacrificing time & presence with their family. 

You are no longer willing to subscribe to the typical "motherhood sucks and chaos is normal" narrative

You've already decided that

I've been there too.

There is something uniquely powerful about being a mother and a ceo. 

You have a new perspective, focus and commitment to your desires like never before. You're done with things that drain your energy. Your standards are higher than ever. Your commitment to creating the cash flow + time with your kids is ALL IN.

The responsibility of "more money than ever before" is expansive instead of feeling like a huge weight on your chest

Trusting your intuition, leaning into your magic and getting even more clear about who YOU are and what YOU stand for, is what calls in the cash flow

Fully enjoy those moments of playing magnatiles or painting with your littles on a morning off is a priority… because when you still make money even when you aren’t working

Slowing down is safe and being a business owner is not your full identity. It's simply one piece of who you are.

You get to have every fucking thing you desire, especially illogical overflow and "more than enough" simple because you WANT it. 

Making money gets to be FUN and the more make, the more it supports the vision you hold as a mother, wife and woman

You don't have to just "be grateful" for the money you're making now. When you upgrade your wealth energetics, you get to have $20-$50k+ months simply because you desire it. And do it without your business being the #1 priority in life.

you spend your mornings making a delicious french press oat latte and reading, cozy on the couch with your littles, before you even think about opening your email or checking on work… there is full TRUST that your business thrives when you do what lights you up

In the not very distant future where… 

i want you to imagine a week

stripe and paypal notifications are coming through **cha ching** every. single. day. and money is flowing into your business like never before

when you work with a client, you’re ALL IN, because you finally released the fear around raising your 1:1 prices and now feel truly valued + divinely compensated by money, and clients who LOVE to pay you

$20-$30k months aren’t the goal… they are the baseline. The standard, that flows in, like duh, of course. And you’ve figured out the flow of HOW to upgrade your energetic standards with money, to continue raising that number over time

Let me remind you of something you probably already know deep down.

Motherhood is a portal to more wealth when you decide it is. It’s not an obstacle.

It’s the embodiment of life force, love, abundance and an overflow of energy. 

So what if you saw it as that, and infused those beliefs into your business & relationship with money? 

The women inside of Magnetic Wealth Mastery are doing just this.

"I definitely have less time as my priority is my child. I am more focused in my biz now.

Win: I actually booked an $19k client last week, I never thought that would be possible! I do the journalling rituals everyday, even 5 min, and that shifts my mindset so much."

- Sarah F.

"In June when I started I wasn’t close to my $10k goal at all.

Using the rituals to anchor in that the energy and trusting it will show up in some wonderfully supportive way. And that. This. Is. My. New. Normal. 💸✨ Two days later, I did it!! I hit $10k this month!"

- melissa y.

Because you aren’t here for the boring, masculine strategies that tell you to make more $$ just add more to your (already overflowing) to do list. 

You also don’t have time for that manifesting journal process where you write out your desire 55x 5 days (honestly WHO DOES have time for that?!)

And sometimes when you’re nursing a baby 28x a day or driving your kiddos to and from every. single. activity, your brain is saying “are you sure you can have everything you desire!?”...

You’re ready to fully claim:

You already know how to make money. The sales & clients have come in. Maybe even a big launch or month. But let me ask you this... how does it feel?

This question is the moment when your whole experience with money changes.

More wealth is for me. I get to create the overflow of money & life I want NOW.

soul f*ck yes!

Potent 6 month mastermind container

This is not a strategic business mastermind. I believe you already have the strategies needed to make $20-$50k months. This is an energetic mastermind (90% energy / 10% alignment in strategy). I won't teach you in depth funnels, complicated biz strategies or frameworks you "have to" follow. 

I am the mentor, however, who will help you get out of your own way and tap into your confidence & certainty & self power more than ever before.

My exclusive process:

This isn't your average vision boarding. This is soul deep permission and taking radical self responsibility for your desires. Clarity on what you want AND who you are.

Gaining Clarity

Integrate your new wealth rituals + biz changes. We're making wealth overflow your new baseline as you focus less on work and more on being a mama. Create momentum.

Integrate Rituals

This is where money becomes your baseline no matter what's happening in your life & world. You will feel deeply supported by your money + business. Set to scale, working 15-20 hrs. / week.

Embody the Rich Mama




Magnetic Wealth Mastery is 6 months long —we celebrate cash infusions but also know it takes time to rewire your brain on a deep subconscious level, so these changes are long-lasting and wealth becomes your new normal!

I know that often, mindsets and beliefs pop up as we're going about business, in a launch, while you're creating, in daily life. This is the beauty of Voxer. You have me in your back pocket to guide you daily, plus you get to plug into my energy & the collective group energy daily. There is also something really potent and beautiful about being fully seen and heard in a group of women doing biz alongside you.

Voxer + Community

Every other week you jump on a call with me & your mastermind sisterhood. To talk through new mindset shifts, energetics coming up in your business, etc. I also often lead you through live breathwork, visualizations and activations to tap into wealth, now.

2x monthly calls

6 modules with the high-level wealth trainings in my framework: Clarity, Integrate, Embody. With these you'll dig deeper into your unique desires, energetic blueprint, subconscious programing and understand how to uplevel your wealth experience in business.

Core wealth trainings

If you're a details sort of person:

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Investment into the mastermind begins at $900/month or $9k PIF.

Only apply if you are ready to make the energetic and financial commitment to working with Cassie in this high proximity space. 

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