receiving portals

De-stress your relationship with money and open up the portals to receive more $$ with peace.

[ as a mama in business ]

If you're ready for Stripe notifications galore, and a warm fuzzy feeling when you open up your bank account... Receiving Portals is going to be life changing.

Over 5 days, I'm sharing quick 10min. transmissions that will help you figure out exactly why you're not receiving the cash flow that you desire in business.

Whether you're ready to fiiiiiiinally hit that big income goal.
OR you're already bringing in the money but it feels as stressful as taking your 3 toddlers to the store alone (#momlife)

This podcast series will completely change your relationship with money.

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day 01

Your money baseline: aka the beliefs you hold about what's possible for you. Learn how to notice and shift the narrative that's been blocking money flow, so that you can step into confidence + magnetism with more money.

day 02

Doing less to earn more. Yep, that's possible for you too, mama. Give yourself permission to let go of the things that feel heavy in your business to make space for what you actually desire.

day 03

The secret key to my clients being able to rapidly increase their prices, income and cash flow... without freaking out or imposter syndrome aka nervous system regulation. This tool will change ev.ery.thing.

day 04

Tap into the energy of making sales fun again. We'll dive into the masculine energy of your business, what you actually need to DO to receive more $$.

day 05

Last but not least, learn how to use your feminine energy. This day is all about creating a reality where you can be snuggling your kids on the couch and have Stripe notifications pop up, consistently.

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The Receiving Portals Lineup

Listen, I know you're done waiting.

Now is the time to claim it. You're ready to call in the cash, feel deeply fulfilled and move with bold intention in your business. While honoring your space and role as a mother. You get to have both. Let's do it.

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When you sign up for Receiving Portals, you'll get an email with a link to the private podcast feed. Open it in any podcast app you use, and get immediate access to all 5 days of transmissions (plus some bonus content!).

Binge it all at once, or take it day by day.
Whatever fits into your life as a mama and ceo.

ohh, Have we met?

And I’m really in love with helping you realize how FREAKING possible it is to have a business overflowing with cash, and be thriving as a mama, too. You get to have it all, when you decide you can.

The month after my 2nd baby was born, I had a $17k CASH month. I was on maternity leave. And yet the money still came through. The difference was so stark from my first baby when I made $0.

Hi, I'm Cassie. Mama, ceo, manifesting generator & coach (to name a few titles). 

The thing is, the money didn't come because I was doing more. In fact I was doing WAY less. But the thing that shifted drastically was my relationship with money, myself and motherhood. 

That's exactly what you'll be able to experience on the other side of Receiving Portals. Opening up to more, NOW. You got this, mama.