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40 money rituals so you can do the mindset work daily, with ease

the MMR framework trainings to create your rich money mindset

Magnetic Money Rituals is my signature money energetics course. It's the money mindset work I did to go from $0 to $8k+ months as a designer! If you want a sustainable business, you need consistent cash flow. And the thing is, money is responding to you! Imagine feeling more confident about raising your prices? Or creating a steady income instead of the feast / famine roller coaster? MMR makes it possible.

Magnetic Money Rituals

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rituals to support you when you feel stuck in doubt or self sabatoge

4 modules of trainings to take you from idea to launch with ease

This program is for the coach or creative who's ready to start leveraging her time and creating passive offers. If you're currently booked out with 1:1 work, or you simply don't have many hours to work every week, it's time to craft your potent, profitable offer (think course, mastermind or digital download!) Created to be a simple 4-week sprint to get that idea out of your head, and into the world! 

Soul Offer Sprint

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Creativity & Self Expression, unleashing your truth and having more fun in business

How to hold the power no matter circumstances (launch results, clients saying no, being in the creative void, etc)

Releasing/healing the stories, excuses and beliefs around why you CANT have it all

The vibe is this — when you are tapped into your personal power and confidence, you are unshakeable as a business owner. You start showing up so boldly for what you desire, no matter what. This is the energy of inevitable success. This live mini-mind turned podcourse is full of powerful trainings that will have you dropping back into your own self trust, self love and self power as the CEO of your business.

Power Podcourse

Psst... want a coaching experience that's a little more
"$8 vanilla-lavendar oat latte at the fancy coffee shop" ?

AKA I'm all in, give me the luxury version please!

Don't get me wrong, I love my at home Stumptown cold brew as much as the next mama. But sometimes you want the all-in version. The fancy version. The version that includes OTHER PEOPLE. 

That's what my mastermind and private coaching are for. You're ready to go bigger, with deeper support and I'm here for that! Explore the options below.


1:1 coaching