stop trading your time for money, and start stacking revenue every. single. week. with an aligned course or program?

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"This container is gold! Cassie helps you put together your offer in a way that feels light and fun.

I had, by far, my biggest month and I didn't expect it too, which was really cool. I booked 2 long term clients out of nowhere, a handful of readings and women joining my program.✨"

- carolyn w.

"Soul Offer Sprint gave me the exact momentum I needed! I've already launched 2 live offers, and I'm planning another one right now. 

Cassies gives insight that makes it all easy & helped my feminine side take over and actually CREATE."

- Dana c.

want a peek at what's inside? Watch the training below!

Extract the magic of your work into a scalable soul offer... with these 3 energetics & wealth mindset shifts

Extract the magic of your 1:1 work into a
profitable offer that sells weekly

You're ready to finally get your ideas out of your head and into the world. And making money on repeat, with an offer that can sell again and again? That's the cherry on top!

maybe you're booked full with 1:1 clients but you want to grow your income


or you just have so many ideas, you're ready to choose one and move

No matter the reason, Soul Offer Sprint will guide you through the process.

A week-by-week process:

Deep down, you probably already know what you want to teach. It's a matter of trusting that inner soul nudge, tapping into your wisdom and getting clarity around what this offer is all about.

Download the Transformation

What does your offer look like? The truth is, you get to create something that reflects your unique energy, human design, and life! Together, we'll find the most potent way to structure & share your offer with the world.

Align Your Energy

Now that you know the what and the how, we dive into the WHO. Attract in your most aligned, dreamy clients, price your offer, and create an offer that they love to pay for!

Divine Pricing & Clients

week 1

week 3

week 2

The beauty of digital offers, is the momentum stacks over time. Even when doubt or fear creeps in. Get clear on what the big vision is for your offer and hold the energy of it being sold out!

Expand Your Impact

week 4

4 modules of potent, energetic and strategic trainings taking you from offer idea to creation (with lifetime access!)

4 weeks inside the Voxer community for daily guidance & community to keep you tapped in and moving forward

2 live group coaching calls, for hot-seat support personalized to YOUR biz

Soul Offer Sprint is a LIVE program (March 2023). By the end, you will tap into divine inspiration, extract your soul magic & bottle it all up in a course or digital product that frees up your day and creates massive IMPACT + CASH.

by stepping into this program you will receive:

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Pay in Full

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6 Bi-weekly Payments

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*Summit early bird pricing! sos will go up to $1555 publicly

You are no longer tied up in 1:1 work (that you love, but takes so much time & energy). 

You are no longer hesitating, overthinking about what to sell, how to package it, and if anyone will even buy a course from you. 

You are certain that your work is meant to impact lives. 
You move with the energy of a ceo leader. 
You know that your desire for more money + more time freedom is yours. 

That's why I created Soul Offer Sprint. Just for you.

You don't just dream about being the woman who has booked out programs + an overflowing bank account. You are her.

you know there is a reality where...

I was charging $8-$12k per project as a brand & web designer which felt amazing, but I was constantly working.

When I became a mom in 2018, I was not willing to sacrifice time with my baby to grow my business. I desired BOTH. I was booked out with amazing 1:1 clients, but the truth is... my time and income were still capped.

I felt the soul nudge to create a group program. When I did things changed…rapidly. From $3k to consistent $8k months, then $11k. In March, when baby #2 was born at home I still made $17k cash working less than ever.

I know you're desiring more right now. And a divine digital offer is that next step. And as a mama + ceo your time is so insanely valuable. It's time to get your work into the hands of more people, create more impact & pad out your bank account.

Soul Offer Sprint will get you out of your head, and finally make it happen.

And for a long time, I thought that high ticket 1:1 work was the only way I'd hit my big income goals. 

Hey I'm Cassie!

You do things differently. You're not here to follow the "traditional" way of creating passive income like

Relying on booooring, outdated market research to know what to sell

Following an exact x,y,z formula to create another cookie cutter program

Doing a 90 day warm-up period before you even sell anything

Lucky you, none of that is required. Just a willingness to trust yourself, follow your intuitive nudges & make bold moves as the ceo leader of your biz. That's what Soul Offer Sprint is all about. Are you in?

Pay in Full

sign me up!

6 Bi-weekly Payments

yes, I'm in!

*Summit early bird pricing! sos will go up to $1555 publicly