You love what you do and you've grown your business to this point. But you know, deep down, that you're meant for more. Now it's time to scale to the next level, with aligned impact & abundant income.

When you embrace the heart of your work & craft a brand and business that speaks to your soul clients.

You already know that your work is changing lives. And you're craving more of that impact, growth and abundance in your business. But something is standing in your way.

How do you connect with the right people? How do you establish your authority, expertise and value online? You have so many ideas in your head, but it feels a little foggy, like you can't quite put the pieces together.

The thing is you already have the intuitive guidance and soul purpose inside of you. All you need now is somebody to walk alongside you, giving you the clarity, the space and the strategy to bring it all to life.

I’ve been there, and my clients have too. 

The good news is, you can grow your purposeful business & increase your profit...

let's dream big for a second, friend...

when you're fully in tune & connected with your soul purpose, what impact are you ready to make?

I'm here to help you cut through the clutter, and guide you to a new soulful season of impact & income in your business. 

Sound like a dream? Let's talk!

Soul aligned clients & students ready to pay you daily, because they connect with you & you alone... leaving you excited, not burnt out, when you get to work every day. 

The ability to pay yourself a growing, sustainable income. Scaling to $6 or multi $6-figure years, with ease.

A website that strategically (and on autopilot) guided your audience towards hitting the "buy now" button, giving you back your freedom & the lifestyle you crave.

Full clarity in your business, your message and the transformation of your work so that you could build your authority every. single. day.


— alina of sol y mar

"Cassie gave life to the dream I had in my head... I'm so excited and proud of my brand & website."

— dana of tgim consulting

"Working with Cassie was by far the smoothest design experience I have ever had."

— cheryl of cheryl renee cosmetics

"I could tell I was working with not just a designer, but an expert in the area of branding and marketing."

— britni of legacy hill farm

"As we have used the brand in our business we truly love it more and more."

Website Strategy
Showit Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Copywriting Guidance
Tech Training Video(s)

1x 90 min. Brand Clarity Call
Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Visual Direction & Moodboard

Brand design

Primary Logo
Secondary Logos
Color Palette
Font System
Patterns & Icons
Collateral Item(s)

The Flourish Brand Experience is my signature package, the truly transformational way to create a brand that showcases your expertise & unique business. If you are ready to have me by your side, to bring your business to a new level of clarity, impact, community, vision and prosperity, then this is for you.

With a holistic strategy at the core of this design experience, you'll walk away with more than just a beautiful brand & website design. You'll have a renewed sense of purpose as well, that can guide you towards reaching your goals as you do your life-changing work.

clarity & strategy

My highest level 1-on-1 strategy, brand, & web design experience.

Custom Brand experience

get to know the

website design

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⟶ Have many ideas, but aren't sure how they all weave together

⟶ Want to stay true to yourself while elevating and growing your brand

⟶ Need an outside perspective to help you see the unique strengths and gifts you're offering

⟶ Want to define what makes you + your work different, and learn how to connect with clients more deeply

⟶ Are ready to understand how your mindset is playing a role in your brand + business

You are deeply involved in every bit of your work. It's personal to you, and so meaningful. But sometimes, it's hard to see how everything fits together for the bigger picture within your business.

This deep five session is meant to give you the space and guidance to find clarity in your brand, so that you can show up and do the work you're meant to do. You'll walk away with a renewed sense of purpose in your business, but also a brand strategy to guide your decisions moving forward.

A deep dive 1:1 session created to give you the clarity to bring your vision to life.

clarity + vision session

2 hour brand workshop

This is for you if you:

Book your clarity + vision session now!

Book your clarity + vision session now!

Watch the free masterclass today & learn my 3 secrets to booking your soul clients and expanding your impact!

Designed to Connect

the signature branding course

In this masterclass you'll learn:


The key to finding clarity in your business purpose, and how that affects your brand design.

How to harness the power of emotions to instantly connect with potential clients.

My exact blueprint to design your beautiful brand in 4 weeks or less — with clarity and confidence!



Bring out the dessert: it’s time to launch & celebrate! Before we part, I’ll give you all of the tools and resources you need to feel confident in maintaining your new brand, so you can spend more time doing what matters to you most — serving your clients through work that you love.

step four: Share with the world

Your website is the place where your brand can flourish and lead your ideal client towards booking. I’ll guide you along the way with helpful tips like my Website Copywriting 101 resource, as we build a custom Showit website to bring your impactful brand to life.

step three: A website to match

It’s time to get to work translating your Brand Story into a fully custom visual design. The best part? It's a collaborative process. I’ll present one complete brand solution: a holistic design that feels like you & checks all of the boxes, getting you one step closer to reaching those big goals you have.

step two: Strategic brand design

An intentional brand starts with strategy. I’ll gather all of the details, big and small, about your business, target market & process. We'll and use those to build out the RDC Brand Story guide & visual direction (moodboard) which serves as the foundation for the design process.

step one: build a foundation

wondering what to expect?

Here's the tried & true process


Enjoys exploring, but is just as happy cozied up on the couch at home with a glass of wine & their kids (animal or human).


Puts people over profit, and connection over selling.


Trusts their intuition deeply to steer them in the right direction.


Knows exactly who they want to serve and how.


Appreciates mother nature is and is making strides to live a more eco conscious life. 


Loves clean design, and believes the devil is in the details. 


Isn’t afraid to do things a little different from everyone else.



The Reux Design Co. Client...

sound like you?

In a former life, I spent my days as a Social Media Manager, drafting up content and outlining marketing campaigns. But I quickly realized that without cohesive brands, the companies I worked for were fumbling for imagery, confusing their followers and losing sales. 

I’ve worked with clients (turned friends) of every size from a 1-woman shop to multi-6-figure businesses. 

In the past 4 years my unique Brand Strategy Process has helped clients:

I’m Cassie, a brand strategist for women pursuing meaningful, impactful businesses — like you!

let me introduce myself

Grow sales to multiple 5-figures for a wellness company.
Launch and immediately book an ideal client with an unlimited budget.
Feel confident & excited to share their business with the world.

Grow sales to multiple 5-figures for a wellness company.

Launch and immediately book an ideal client with an unlimited budget.

Feel confident & excited to share their business with the world.

you were called to do this work, friend.

grow a thriving business with design that is as beautiful as it is intentional

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