In this power packed live workshop, you'll learn:


How to reprogram your mindset and energy to call in a flow of money & soul aligned clients.

How to build your community and consistently connect with potential clients.

Building your daily, weekly & yearly schedule in a way that feels aligned & helps you grow.



I’m Cassie, the founder of Reux Design Co. & creator of Design to Connect.

I’m on a mission to help conscious entrepreneurs like yourself build a lasting legacy through your business. Because the work you’re doing is too. dang. important!

Over the past 5 years, I've worked with designers, doulas, childbirth educators, creatives & more. The one thing I've seen to be true is this: a business build of purpose, and true alignment leads to thriving community, 6-figure years and booked out schedules!

I know you want to impact lives and step into more abundance. The answer won't be found by following anybody's "proven system."

But by stepping into abundant energy and doing things your own way! That's exactly why I created this live workshop for you. 

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You can have it all. A business with growing impact & income, without the hustle, sleezy selling or overworking. Join me in this live workshop to learn how to build your soul aligned business, your way!