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The 3 most common money beliefs that are keeping you stuck at the same level in your business.

How I was able to go from $0 to an $8k month, without a fancy funnel, ads or spending all day on Instagram.

They key to shifting your money mindset for good, so you can rapidly expand your income with ease.



this workshop is for you if you desire to...

     Feel abundant in your business. You're done with the feast & famine income rollercoaster.

     Feel confident (not sleezy) selling high ticket and stop having to work so dang hard for money every month.

    Make a bigger impact! You are good at what you do & have implemented allllll of the strategies, but still feel stuck with your income.

     Tap into new levels & reach that dreamy income goal. Grow your business to $100k+ in a way that feels amazing. No hustle, burnout, or sacrificing your slow coffee mornings to make it happen.

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As a designer turned mindset coach, I'm obsessed with helping my clients get unstuck from their limiting beliefs so they can show up fully & grow their business in a way that feels good to them.

I know that the "mindset stuff" works because I've seen the results with my clients but also in MY business. I spent waaaay too many years trying every strategy in the book, with no results. Because deep down, I had some limiting beliefs + fears that were holding me back. So after a $0 month (which was so crushing!) I shifted my focus. 

The next month, January of 2020, I made $7,229.

And I’m on track to 3x my income from last year & hit 6 figures. ⁣

The only thing I did differently was adding an intentional mindset practice. And this is the only thing you need to shift to change the trajectory of your business too. ⁣I can't wait to see you at the free training! 

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