a 4 month, intimate group coaching + mindset journey for conscious entrepreneurs (like you!)

Here’s the truth: you get to do business in the way that feels good to YOU. 

In fact, that’s the best way to step into your soul purpose, magnetize dream clients and create wild impact + income.

But you’ve been taught otherwise. 

It’s time to finally let go of the thoughts and patterns holding you back and step into the soul-aligned business that YOU desire…

Because when you give yourself that permission to go big, lives are changes.

Your clients lives. And your life.

Have you given yourself permission to create your dream business?

That you have to follow another expert’s 5-step framework.

That you need to “beat the algorithm” to find clients on Instagram.

That selling is all about handling objections and convincing people. 

That you need to be the perfect blend of professional and still real (whatever that means?) to build a real business. 

And *insert anything else here that you can think of.*

It’s time to shift your mindset out of that box. 

Because you weren't meant to fit inside of a box. And the impact you want to make and the income you desire is not found there.

It's found inside of you.

It's time you get to change lives. And create massive impact + income along the way.

say hello to

an intimate 4 month mastermind For conscious entrepreneurs designed to help you step into your soul purpose + scale your impact beyond $6-figures

Getting unstuck from your limiting beliefs and fears so that you can show up fully as yourself and easily connect with your dream audience and clients.

Growing your business in a way that feels good to you, no more forcing yourself into cookie-cutter business molds. You'll finally take the aligned actions that feel good and bring you closer to your big picture vision.

Realigning to your divine clarity + confidence so you can show up boldly and get paid for your soul purpose.

Hitting $10k+ months and scaling past $6-figures without 24/7 hustle (hello flow!)

And most importantly, feeling fully confident that the work you’re doing is important, lives are changed and this is what you're meant to be doing right now.

Just imagine...

I know you deeply desire this. 

To do something more with your work.

More impact. More lives changes. And more money to live your fullest life.

You are meant to make a BIGGER impact & create a BIGGER income.

And that all starts (& ends) with your mindset and what you believe is possible in your life and business.

However you believe business gets to work for you, is how it will work. 

And right now, you can simply make a choice to shift that trajectory for your business. 

Step into the next level of aligned, purposeful growth that you’ve been craving deep down.

You don’t need all of the answers or a detailed 5 year plan. 

All you need is a deep sense of self trust, a mindset of inevitable success, and the commitment to listen when your soul guides you.

molly b.
brand & web designer

"I booked a $6K packaging project (a dream project—the full collection will be in Sephora and Nordstrom soon) and a $15K custom Shopify site (that is just for my design work!). Can hardly even believe I’m able to book projects at those rates now!!! 

It was a combination of a lot of things — mostly working on not doubting myself anymore. I also leaned into the mindset of “if not this, then something better” any time I was turned down for a project.

A potential client turned me down... But less than a week later, these two reached out and they’re both even better fits for me (and will bring in more revenue)."

Vivian K.
Graphic designer

"Before Mindset Mastery Bootcamp I felt like my anxiety was driving my actions instead of my heart. I wanted a healthy mindset, but I really didn't know where to start.

In MMB, Cassie gives you simple practices and easy habits that can completely change how you think about money, building a business, finding success. It's a short amount of time that really makes a big shift.

The biggest win is that I'm healthier mentally than I've been for a long time. I have so much more confidence. I also have had 2 more inquiries come in just in the past week, after a long dry stretch!"

And it all came to a head when, 4 years into business, I had a $0 revenue month. I felt defeated. 

I had been doing everything “right” and yet it wasn’t working. 

I know it’s possible for you. Because I’ve been exactly where you are. 

For years, I built my business the way I thought I “should.” And honestly, it was exhausting.

⟶ I was on a constant rollercoaster of ups and downs, in income, clients and confidence. 

⟶ I spent my days doing all. of. the. strategies. even when they didn’t feel good. 

⟶ Undercharging and working with clients who weren’t a good fit, because I didn’t truly value my work.

⟶ Following the rules to appear “professional” so people would take me seriously.

I trusted other’s opinions and guidance more than my own inner voice, and at the end of the day, while I was making some money and having “outward” success, it all felt like my business was a house build on sand. 

Ready to crumble at any moment. 

In that moment, I had a realization. The one thing I had been ignoring might be the most important piece of the puzzle: myself & my mindset. 

And so I shifted my focus. 

In December of 2019 I made literally $0 (even after years in business).
In January of 2020, I made $7,229.

And I’m on track to 3x my income from last year & hit 6 figures. ⁣

The only thing I did differently was adding an intentional mindset practice.
And this is the only thing you need to shift to change the trajectory of your business too. ⁣

Are you finally ready to step into your purpose with confidence and clarity, call in $10k+ months, and scale your impact?

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8 modules of content & trainings

Designed to take you through every aspect of your mindset from A to Z. The content will guide you through my unique 4-part mindset framework to reach a new level of confidence & impact: Audit, Awaken, Align >> Elevate.

$3500 value

8 bi-weekly 90min. group coaching calls

Because community and continued support is so key. Plus, our group calls will bring you insight and shifts about mindsets you didn't even know you had. We can all truly learn from each other!

$7500 value

Private FB community for 4 months

Just for mastermind members. This mindset journey can be messy and I’m sure you’ll have questions! Pop them into the group anytime and I’ll be there to guide you. Plus, you get a community of amazing, intuitive, passionate women to be your new biz bestie.

$2500 value

Journal prompts + meditations

The magic happens not when you know what to do, but when you take the aligned action! You'll have tons of bonus prompts, worksheets, guides and meditations to create real transformation.

$1250 value

2x 1:1 calls with Cassie


To use anytime during the 4 month mastermind. Get valuable 1:1 support on anything mindset, alignment or business growth to quantum leap your transformation! [$2000 value]

our 4 months together includes...

Here's how we'll do it

results from past clients & students:

01 getting clear on Your big picture vision and legacy

02 Upleveling into a $6-7 figure mindset

03 understanding your big fears & beliefs to shift them

04 releasing old patterns + beliefs keeping you stuck

05 trusting your soul guidance in what to do next

06 align your business with your soul purpose

07 how to stop hesitating on your big ideas

08 sharing your message with confidence + clarity

09 the energy of receiving more while doing less

10 magnetizing a dream community who loves to pay you

11 building your biz around what comes naturally & easily

12 scaling your business with ease, flow, space & joy

& so much more

The Soulful Activation Mastermind will guide you through:

This mastermind is 80% mindset and 20% aligned strategy. 

Because I know that business IS 80% mindset, 20% strategy. 

And if you’ve made it this far down the page, let’s grab 2 frothy oat milk lattes and have a chat. Because you wouldn't still be here if there was some soul nudge, deep down, telling you this is the move. This is the next step.

The truth is, there are a lot of things you don’t NEED to have a successful business. And there is no right way or wrong way to do things. There is only this truth...

It’s time that dreamy clients, soul aligned offers, $10k+ months and wild confidence are your new normal.

What you believe and expect to be true, is what you will create in your business.

Now is the time. Realign to your divine clarity + confidence so you can show up boldly and scale your business, getting paid for your soul purpose.

I know that you can do this. I truly believe that if you have a purpose on your heart, it’s meant to change lives. And there are people in the world right now who desire what you have to give. 

Is your soul saying HELL YES? Then trust yourself & jump in!

Are you finally ready to step into your purpose with confidence and clarity, call in $10k+ months, and scale your impact?

one payment of


pay in full

apply now

6 monthly payments


payment plan

apply now for your spot in the Soulful Activation Mastermind

You have Q's? Well here are your A's!

When do we start?

The next round opens to the WAITLIST only on March 15th, so make sure your name is on the list.

The mastermind lasts for 4 months from enrollment, with access to the trainings, calls, and community.

is this for me?

Are you an intuitive, purpose driven entrepreneur, and you know that the inner work is your next step for massive growth? Are you ready to be making consistent $10k months getting paid for your soul work? Are you ready to step into your soul purpose + scale your impact in a big way?

Then YES! The Soulful Activation Mastermind is right for you!


You have access to the content modules for life! 

You will have access to the private FB group and live group coaching calls and of course me for 4 months while in the mastermind.

CAN I JOIN later?

Let me ask you this: do you want to step into your soul purpose + scale your impact NOW or in 6 months? Do you want to head into 2021 with a new sense of confidence, clarity + purpose? You can wait until next time, but why continue to put your growth + impact on hold? 

It will never feel like the perfect time, you will always have a bit of hesitation. But I love to say, let fear guide you & know that you're on the right path. Now is the time!


SO much. We'll probably be best friends by the end of this mastermind.

We have 8 group coaching calls, 2 private calls, plus 24/7 access in the FB group where I'll be hanging out ready to answer questions, give you a pep talk and just offer a listening ear anytime you need.

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Thank you so much!

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