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The key to finding clarity in your business purpose, and how that affects your brand design.

How to harness the power of emotions to instantly connect with potential clients.

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I’m Cassie, the founder of Reux Design Co. & creator of Design to Connect.

I’m on a mission to help conscious entrepreneurs like yourself build a lasting legacy through your business. Because the work you’re doing is too. dang. important!

Over the past 5 years, I've worked with designers, doulas, childbirth educators, creatives & more. The one thing I've seen to be true is this: brand design infused with emotional connection leads to thriving community, 6-figure years and booked out schedules!

You see, good design has a ripple effect. When people see something that resonates with them, they can’t help but jump on board, and say "YES!"

& I want to teach you how to do this for your business in my free masterclass!

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