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Jenn Orr Design

Apply to the mastermind and get exclusive access to this high-level training. The energetics to create multiple $5 figure months in your business — without sacrificing your time as a mama.

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And I’m really in love with helping you realize how FREAKING possible it is to have a business overflowing with cash, and be thriving as a mama, too. You get to have it all, when you decide you can.

The month after my 2nd baby was born, I had a $17k CASH month. I was on maternity leave. And yet the money still came through. The difference was so stark from my first baby when I made $0.

Hi, I'm Cassie.
Mama, ceo, manifesting generator. 

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The thing is, the money didn't come because I was doing more. In fact I was doing WAY less. But the thing that shifted drastically was my relationship with money, myself and motherhood. 

That's exactly what I guide my clients through as well.