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3 Secrets to booking your soul clients & Expanding Your Impact

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The complete blueprint to designing a meaningful brand, so you can find clarity in your purpose & attract dream clients who can’t wait to pay you.

And you ARE here to change lives.

Maybe you had a moment of realization, or maybe it was an intuitive knowing all along. Either way, you know in your core, that you are meant to impact lives & do something more with your business.

So you're asking yourself... where are the clients??

Because right now things feel a little more mundane than meaningful. 

I mean, your instagram feed is filled with people who seem to be working with dream client after dream client. Their brand is beautiful and unique. They’re making a major impact with their community, and have the $6-figure income to match. And most importantly, they get to DO WHAT THEY LOVE every single day, and it seems easy for them.

Meanwhile, you’re still struggling to figure out how to convince any clients, much less DREAM clients to hire you. 

You want to transform your client's lives, but you don't know how to connect with them deeply enough to hear "Yes, how do I get started?!"...

You know your work is needed. Your business should be thriving. But instead...

Maybe you have so many ideas and thoughts in your head about clients, branding, & business that it's overwhelming trying to figure out what. to. do. first... 

Or you're exhausted from spending weeks (or months?) trying to piece together strategies and "branding tricks" you read online, with no impact to your business...

Maybe you see what branding is working for others in your niche, but when you try to do something similar it just doesn't feel quite like you, and all you hear are *crickets* from your audience...

let's be honest for a minute...

You can’t do your life changing work without clients. 

You know there has to be an easier way…

feel confident in your brand.
& show up online as the most authentic version of you. 

you're ready to

Because you know it’s time to show up and build the business you’ve been dreaming of, instead of waiting around for it to happen, friend.

All you need now are the tools to make it happen.

And you need the right prompts, framework and step by step plan of action, to go from analysis paralysis to clarity and direction.

So if you’re ready for a brand that is uniquely designed to showcase your expertise, connect with your Dream Clients, and build a foundation from which your business can flourish, then let me introduce…

The complete blueprint for intentional entrepreneurs ready to design a meaningful brand, find clarity in their purpose & attract dream clients consistently.

I’ve worked with 75+ women, over the past 4 years, using my signature branding framework to help them find more purpose, joy & profit in their businesses. 

And I know you can experience the exact same results.

 Designed to Connect will teach you everything you need to know about branding to attract those “holy cow, pinch me, this-project-is-a-dream?!” type of clients.

This is more than just a course. It’s a new way to stand out online with your business, turning your purpose into more impact and income. Inside Designed to Connect, I’m walking you step-by-step through my F.E.E.L. Framework, a strategic process for branding your business. You’ll be able to connect with clients on a deeper level, and build a thriving, purpose-filled business. 

Designed for intuitive women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed and inauthentic.

And are ready to dig deep and go all in on creating a meaningful brand.

— cheryl s., natural wellness

“I finally found clarity. It was like Cassie could clear out my head by making suggestions and asking the right questions so I could figure out just want I wanted for my brand. It was wonderful!”

— sarah t., online biz manager

"I'm so glad I invested because now I'm really feeling more confident in my brand, and as a result myself, and I'm already attracting so much new business from dream clients."

It’s time to stop tweaking your color palette (for the thousanth time) and design a brand that ACTUALLY moves the needle.

Yes, I'm in! ⟶

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Feeling confident you can stand out online & make money (even in what feels like a saturated market).

Knowing exactly who your dream clients are & how to connect with them so they only want to work with YOU.

Waking up to new inquiries and DMs every week, with clients you previously only dreamed of.

Being able to charge 10-20x more with a brand that positions you as the go-to expert in your field.

Proudly telling your BFF that you just had yet ANOTHER $5k month in your business!


— alex & jas, moondust our mother

"We were blown away by Cassie's love of helping her clients and the vibration of the work she does. After we worked with her, we had clear brand strategy and direction. She helped us give a name and face to the ideas that we had been processing for months. Her help in creating our brand & vision was invaluable!"

— britni of legacy hill farm

"As we have used the brand in our business we truly love it more and more."

4 Modules, with 13 video lessons total

Designed to take you through every step of branding your business from A to Z so you have clarity around what you do, who it is for, and how to connect with them! Plus, you don't need ANY technical skills with design software, like Photoshop.

$3500 value

2 Q&A Brand Chats

Because this is not just a course where I give you the info and peace out! Get my eyeballs directly on your brand and business, and ask any questions you have during our live monthly calls.

$2500 value

Designed to Connect Workbook

The magic happens not when you know what to do, but when you take the aligned action! The workbook is designed to help you dig deep into your unique business.

$950 value

Private Facebook community

Just for DTC students. This business journey can be messy and I’m sure you’ll have questions! Pop them into the group anytime and I’ll be there to guide you. Plus, you get a community of amazing, intuitive, passionate women to be your new biz bestie.

$1250 value

Client examples & templates

Want to see how I design a brand from start to finish? I’ve got you covered with a BTSS video showing my process! Plus, I’m sharing my templates for a brand moodboard, logo designs, brand style guide and more so you can plug & play & get your new brand out into the world ASAP!

$1500 value

Boost your brand recognition for sustainable business growth

Easily & quickly design your brand in a cohesive, purposeful way

Leverage emotional connection to attract high-paying clients you love

Get laser clarity in your business, and define your unique values

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ready to be a dream client magnet?

Designed to Connect is about more than just creating a beautiful logo. You'll learn how to:

Here's a look at what's inside:

An intentional brand starts with strategy. Swipe my Brand Story guide & process to dig into your mission, core values & unique selling points. By the end, you'll have focused goals for your business & know exactly how to infuse your personality into your brand to connect with the right clients.

build a foundation

Module One

My step-by-step way of identifying your client's emotional connection points, so you know exactly what they need (& what they will pay you for). Translate that into a Brand Map and Moodboard, a method that will give you the confidence to create your brand, knowing it's cohesive & intentional!

The f.e.e.l. framework

Module Two

You don't need years of technical skill to design a beautiful, impactful brand. I'll share my designer secrets for creating a client-connecting brand (& quickly!) from start-to-finish. I also dive into the process of choosing colors & fonts that catch attention and guide potential clients towards booking.

design your branding

Module Three

Bring out the dessert: it’s time to launch & celebrate! Before we part, I’ll give you all of the tools and resources you need to feel confident in maintaining your new brand, so you can spend more time doing what matters to you most — serving your clients through work that you love.

bring it to life

Module Four

& don't forget your bonuses!

A bonus 30 minute video workshop with me, that digs into creating an impactful and successful client experience! This lesson will help you create a deeply satisfying experience for the clients you work with, leaving them happy and excited to share your business & refer you as a wonderful investment.

A bonus video workshop

Create a Game Changing Client Experience

A bonus 1 hour video training all about mastering your mindset for success in business. Building a soulful brand is just the first step. Then you have to BELIEVE that you can attract clients & that your business is worthy of massive compensation. This 1 hour video training goes deep into harnessing an abundance mindset to create a successful, soul aligned and growing business. 

a bonus video training

Mastering Your Mindset Training

It’s one thing to write down where your dream client likes to shop or their favorite drink order from Starbucks. But that’s only going to get you so far (*hint… it’s not very far).

It’s another thing completely to have a deeply connecting brand, one that stops your dream clients in their tracks to say “Yes, you’re the person I’ve been looking for, how can I hire you?!” 

And that’s why Designed to Connect is built around my signature F.E.E.L. Framework⁣. 

This 4-step branding process is unlike any other, because it focuses on EMOTIONS and not just VISUALS. And that, friend, is the magic key to a magnetic brand + more impact than you can imagine.

It's more than just a pretty logo or a color palette. 

This is not your typical branding or design course...

I've been consistently booked out with dream clients for years, even when I had less than 1500 followers on IG. Branding changed the game in my business, and I'm excited for it to do the same for you, too. 

I've created Designed to Connect + the F.E.E.L. Framework for branding your business & over the past 5 years, I've shared it with 100+ of my clients and students... and it's lead to thriving communities, $6-figure years and booked out schedules!

I've seen waaaaay too many of my clients with a pretty website and still struggling to make money, book projects or drowning in constant in hustle mode. That truly is not what I want an impactful + intuitive business to look like for them, or YOU.

My framework is not one-size-fits-all. Because your dream clients don't want another cookie-cutter-Instagram brand. They want YOU. So, let's give them what they want, hmm?

Hey I'm Cassie. I'm so glad you're here!

Oh wait, have we met?

Friend, let’s have a heart to heart.

If you’ve made it this far and are still unsure about joining Designed to Connect, let’s grab 2 frothy oat milk lattes and have a chat. 

The truth is, there are a lot of things you don’t NEED to have a successful business. 

You don’t NEED a big following on IG (I ran my business for years with less than 2000 followers). 

You don’t NEED a super fancy custom website (even though they are fun.)

You don’t NEED all of the tech softwares and fancy subscriptions and platforms.

But what you do need are these two things:

1. connection

Without connection to your audience, you can’t build trust. And without trust, you won’t have sales. 

2. Belief in yourself

And a willingness to go all in, invest in yourself and know, deep down, that you will succeed.

I know that you can do this. I truly believe that if you have a purpose on your heart, it’s meant to change lives. And there are people in the world right now who desire what you have to give. 

You just need the action plan to get in front of them. And the framework to do that is inside of Designed to Connect.

So head back up & take the step! I’ll be here to guide you. 

You have Q's? Well here are your A's!

When do we start?

You can start immediately! Upon purchase, you'll get an email with login info for you to access the Designed to Connect course dashboard. You'll be able to immediately see all of the resources, video and content and dive in. 

You'll also be given access to the private Facebook community, where I'll be available to answer any questions.

is this for me?

If you're an intuitive, purpose driven entrepreneur, and you want to be consistently attracting & connecting with dream clients in your business, then YES!

If you feel like your current brand isn't representing your true passion, your ideas or your value to world, then YES!

This is exactly for you. 


For life, friend! I created Designed to Connect hoping that it becomes a resource on branding that you come back to time, and time again.

Plus, as my knowledge in branding & business grows, you get updates on content and new resources. Woot woot!


Let me ask you this: do you want to be working with dream clients NOW or in 6 months? When you look back at 2020, how do you want your year to look? You can wait until next time, but why continue to put your growth + impact on hold? 

It will never feel like the perfect time, you will always have a bit of hesitation. But I love to say, let fear guide you & know that you're on the right path. Now is the time!


This is a unique program, because I want to be a PART of your branding journey. I'm right here, alongside you, friend. 

I'll be in the Facebook group answering any questions. Plus, you'll get access to me on our monthly group Q&A calls, where you can ask for direct feedback on YOUR business and YOUR brand. 


I want you to be confident in your investment, but I also know it takes work to see the results. Due to the nature of the digital product and immediate access to all content, there are no refunds after purchase.

With that being said, I've never had anyone request a refund!