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hey friend, question for you:

Are you ready to book more clients with a brand that finally feels like you?

Embarrassed by your current online presence, and tired of spending hours trying to piece together info you read online, with no real strategy.

But somehow you still feel:

The need for doulas and other birth workers is rising.
Your work can truly make a difference in your client’s lives! Your business should be thriving...

And unsure of how to translate your personality & values into a professional brand that books clients you LOVE to work with.

You can change the birth industry for the better, connect with clients on a deeper level and make a living doing what you love.

what if I told you...

You need a brand that is uniquely designed to showcase your expertise, connect with your Ideal Client, and build a foundation from which your business can flourish. 

I’ve worked with 75+ women, over the past 4 years, using my signature Emotional Branding process to help them find more purpose, joy & profit in their businesses. 

I want you to experience the exact same results with my new online training...

word of mouth and referrals are only one piece of the puzzle. 


— Cheryl Simon

“I finally found clarity. It was like Cassie could clear out my head by making suggestions and asking the right questions so I could figure out just want I wanted for my brand. It was wonderful!”

"I finally found clarity."

I’m Cassie Gudmundson, the founder of Reux Design Co. 

I’m on a mission to help conscious entrepreneurs like yourself build a lasting legacy through your business. Because the work you’re doing is too. dang. important!

When I first started Reux Design Co., I didn't know anything about strategy. But I wanted to give my clients amazing results, so over time I figured it out. It's a process that has landed my clients dream projects, 6-figure years and booked out schedules!

You see, good design has a ripple effect. When people see something that resonates with them, they can’t help but jump on board. My clients have told me that I have the unique ability to give a name and face to the ideas that they’ve been processing, and I’d like to believe that. 

And I want to teach you how to do the same for your business.

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