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Tell me friend: are you trying to figure out exactly what it looks like to run an impactful business AND be a good, present mom at the same time? If that sounds like you, I hope this post gives you some ideas and inspiration of how I have made it work in my own life.

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Balancing Business & Motherhood (3 tips you can swipe)

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We were emailing back and forth and a friend said to me, “While my work involves a lot of holistic care, I’m also a huge nerd who loves research and science. I just don’t know a good way to portray both in my brand voice.” We chatted a bit and kept talking about branding.  But […]

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Finding Your Brand Voice by Embracing Juxtaposition

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And how can you use that to craft a brand that attracts more impact & more income?

When it comes to your soul aligned business, connecting with "heck yes" clients and getting paid for your deeply fulfilling work, the right brand is key. 

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