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3x your income in the Next 3 months

the energetics for coaches + creatives to make more money, more fun, faster than ever

with cassie gudmundson

It's time to make the last few months of 2022 the biggest in your business. This masterclass will teach you the exact things you need to shift so you can 2x, 3x or even 10x your income in a way that feels fucking FUN.

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The 2nd half of the year can be a time your business slows down... or it can be a time of huge expansion and hitting bigger goals than ever before!

Here's exactly what you're going to learn:

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How to set your income & business goals for the next 3 months (this clarity will save you so much time!)

Learn exactly what to do when it feels like you're stuck (& how my clients still hit their "illogical" money goals on the last day of a month)

The secret to magnetizing huge sales out of nowhere (this one thing made me $17k cash in 1 month) 



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Truth be told, I've had years where my income sloooooowly inched up and making money just felt stressful.

And then I've had seasons where it felt fucking FUN, sales exploded and I went from $3k to $15k months or I booked $20k+ in a week.

The difference?! A few simple, yet hugely impactful, shifts in my energy and strategy. Here are a few truths I want you to know:

Hey I'm Cassie, and I'm a big fan of using energetics to expand your sales + cash more than you can even imagine.

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• The last half of the year can be a time you RAMP UP sales + cash
• You can create expansive momentum w/money in an instant
• So many of your dream clients want to buy in Q3 and Q4
• You CAN head into the next year rested & set up for 2x or 3x your income, with space and freedom

I know the exact shifts you need to make, too. & I'm teaching it all inside the 3x Your Income challenge!